List established by Jean de Jaurgain.

I. Jean de Bérard, chevalier, Marquis of Montalet, in 1622 (creation of the company).

II. Hercule-Louis de Bérard de Montalet Vestric, , the former’s nephew, 1627. He was mortally wounded at Castelnaudary in 1632.

III. Jean de Vieilchastel, lord of Montalet, of Saint-Hilaire, of Frety, of Mardilly, of Savigny, etc, master (mâitre d’hôtel) of the king’s house and gentleman of his chambers, appointed in 1632. He resigned in October 1634 and was made governor of the Duchy of Bar.

IV. Jean Arnaud du Peyrer, alias Armand-Jean de Peyré, count of Troisvilles (better known as the Count of Tréville), 1634-1646 (dissolution of the first company).

V. Philippe Julien Mancini Mazarin, Duke of Nevers and Donzy, chevalier of the King’s Orders, governor-general of Nivernais province, lieutenant-captain if the 1st company from 1657 to 1667, when he resigned in favor of Monsieur d’Artagnan.

VI. Charles de Batz Castelmore, Count d’Artagnan, 1667-1673. In two roles in the 1st company, from 10th August and 19th November 1668, which begins: “The King, captain, Charles of Castelmore, the Seigneur d’Artagnan, lieutenant, the Seigneur de la Rivière, sub-lieutenant, Seigneur de Jauvelle, ensign, Seigneur de Maupertuis, standard-bearer”. We remark, among the musketeers: Seigneur de Saint-Martin, Seigneur de la Plagne, Seigneur de Vignolles, Seigneur d’Artagnan, Seigneur de Labadie, Seigneur de Sainte-Colombe, another Seigneur de la Plagne, Seigneur de Lavardac, Seigneur des Bordes, etc., all kinsmen or allies of d’Artagnan or fellow Gascons.

VII. Louis de Forbin, called the bailiff Forbin, was major of the king’s body guard when the king named him lieutenant-captain of the 1st company. He was also general-lieutenant of the king’s armies. He died in 1684.

VIII. Louis de Melun, Marquis of Maupertuis, cavalry captain, admitted into the musketeers as chief sergeant, 7th November 1661. He was successively standard-bearer, ensign and sub-lieutenant of the 1st company, camp master in 1674, corporal of the king’s armies in 1678, lieutenant-captain of the 1st company of musketeers the 13th May 1684, governor of Saint Quentin in 1686, camp sergeant in 1693, Grand Cross of Saint Louis in 1706. He resigned as lieutenant-captain in 1716 and died 18th May 1721.

IX. Joseph de Montesquiou, Count d’Artagnan, lieutenant-captain of the 1st company by commission 18th February 1716, had already been general-lieutenant since 23rd December 1702. He became chevalier of the Orders on 3rd June 1727. The king had him don the [musketeer’s] tunic in 1668. In 1673, he participated in the assault on the demilune, in which his cousin Charles de Batz d’Artagnan was killed. In 1684, the king made him standard-bearer of the musketeers, with the rank of camp master in the light cavalry, for a commission of 45,000 pounds.

X. Louis de Bannes, Count of Avejan, was captain of the French Guards when he bought the commission of sub-lieutenant in the 1st company on 1st April 1716. Named lieutenant-captain the 4th January 1729, upon the death of d’Artagnan, he was also general-lieutenant of the king’s armies.

XI. Pierre-Joseph Chapelle, Marquis of Jumilhac, sub-lieutenant of the 1st company, succeeded the Count of Avejan in 1736 and was general-lieutenant and governor of Philippeville.

XII.  François de Portalès, then Count of Chèze, lieutenant of grenadiers in the French Guards, was named second standard-bearer of the 1st company of musketeers the 10th May 1741, with the rank of camp master, corporal of the king’s armies the 20th March 1747, first cornette the 5th May 1750, second ensign the 8th October 1751, first ensign the 7th July 1754, second sub-lieutenant the 13th June 1756, camp sergeant the 1st February 1759, first sub-lieutenant the following 7th October and general-lieutenant the 25th July 1762. He was lieutenant-captain at the time of the dissolution of the musketeers in 1776.
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