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Portrait d'Artagnan

Charles de Batz de Castelmore, known as d'Artagnan, was born around 1613 in Gascony at the Château de Castelmore, in what is now the commune of Lupiac, in the Gers department.

He became one of the most illustrious military figures in 17th-century France, a trusted friend of Mazarin and King Louis XIV, and was killed in action on 25 June 1673 in Maastricht at the head of the prestigious 1st Company of the King's Musketeers.

In 1844, he inspired the mythical D'Artagnan in Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers.

Today, d'Artagnan has become a universal myth, sublimated by the pen of Alexandre Dumas, a flamboyant blend of historical truth and fictionalised imagination, regularly revisited, constantly appreciated and respected.

Discover the world of d'Artagnan and the King's Musketeers, a world where reality often surpasses fiction, a perpetual source of inspiration.

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