D’Artagnan and the Musketeers

True or false, historical fact or fiction? That is the question

MousquetairesAre great heroes always born enshrouded in mystery?

It is true that as a legend grows over time, it eclipses the very events that allowed it to become. This is equally true of d'Artagnan and his musketeers, better known in novels than in real life. 

The frontier between the dream and reality is always difficult to cross, for fear of disappointment. And yet, walking the thin line that separates the two can also be an adventure in its own right. It is in this way that we ought to make the acquaintance of d'Artagnan, by walking back in his story, in order to reach the point where myth and history meet. 

There we discover at the same time a fascinating historical figure, an amazing company of musketeers and an inspired and talented author. With one foot in reality, we realize the richness of his history, without which the breath-taking epic novel The Three Musketeers could never have existed. 

In the end, it is also a pleasure to discover the power that the real history holds over that of fiction and to be able to say that life holds as much talent as it does imagination.